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Savings Accounts

Savings for Everyday Life

Regular Shares

  • Minimum balance of $5.00
  • 0.10% Dividend Rate
  • Dividends credited quarterly

Christmas Club

  • 0.10% Dividend Rate
  • Dividends credited quarterly
  • Savings paid out on October 1st.

Savings to Prepare for the Future

Educational Savings

  • Earn higher dividends on savings used for educational expenses for children up to 18 years old.
  • Minimum deposit is $25
  • Annual deposit limit is $2,400


  • Traditional IRA – Enjoy tax-deferred growth now and pay taxes when you retire.
  • Roth IRA – Pay taxes on your contributions now and enjoy tax-free withdrawals later.
  • Educational IRA – save for your children’s college education while getting a tax break.

Savings that Pay you Back

Money Market Accounts

  • Earn higher tiered dividends based on balance. Check for current rates.
  • Minimum balance of $2,500
  • Dividends credited quarterly


  • We offer 6 month and 12-month Certificates. Check for current rates.
  • Check for Certificate Specials that may include special terms and rates.
  • Dividends credited quarterly